Monday, 19 January 2015

I remember when I was a child my father bought a hammock for his daughters to put in the garden. Back then, a hammock wasn't really seen as a object for relaxation but more of a stylish looking swing. I can guarantee you that it provided a hell of a lot of entertainment. Fast forward to this day and age, my friend had the genius idea to place one on the inside of her home. Not only is it comfortable to sit in but you've got to admit that it's pretty damn decorative too. The hammock above can be purchased in Waitrose.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Leopard print regardless of whether it's incorporated on a bag, coat or shoe and point toe pumps are  wardrobes essentials which are guaranteed to give an outfit as simple as jeans and a t-shirt that little extra something. Add Raf Simons into the equation and I think you'll find that you'll get a particularly well designed piece of footwear. Addressing modernity in his designs, Simons's ability to rework structure, print and colour is impeccable. Shoes photographed in a Dior outlet.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

(Middle image- Saint Laurent SS15 Ad Campaign
Bottom images - Pinterest)

I can imagine that a few topics of conversation begin with 'I read in Vogue...' and I think I actually did read in Vogue that Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent depicts exactly how women want to dress. I couldn't agree with this statement more. Three words; feminine, sexy and effortless. The great thing with Saint Laurent is that once the garments leave the catwalk and trickle down into the stores, each garment looks good out of it's context as it does in. The multitude of biker trousers, strapped shoes and accessories the brand has to offer are key staples which can be easily integrated into any wardrobe, and from day to night too. Well worth the investment if you ask me.

Spearheading the seventies trend for Spring Summer '15, the Saint Laurent collection boasts of low cut slinky dresses and just the right amount of fringe and tassels. With a trend that focusses on a combination of laid back dressing and elegance, it's difficult not to want in on the action. The skirt photographed above was a one off Zara eBay find however if you want in on the real deal, why you only have to head to Net-a-Porter of course! It also looks like Topshop has done the work of deciding your summer wardrobe for you.

Monday, 5 January 2015

If you feel like spoiling yourself, buying fragrances are the way to go. Finding the right one can leave you feeling a little bit more refreshed and maybe somewhat sexier. Choose wisely. 

Margiela's Beach Walk has captured a everything you'd want to smell like in a bottle. For me, that is that kind of holiday smell and sun kissed skin so Beach Walk really does do what it says on the tin. In true Margiela fashion, it's nice to find an individual product which hasn't relied on mass marketing and a huge ad campaign.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

 photo IMG_5539_zps6171bfa3.jpg

The thigh highs. I can't think of a shoe more fitting for when the temperatures start to drop, especially if tights are just not your thing. I will wear them if I must but unfortunately for tights, I am not the biggest fan. After seeing Miranda Kerr grace the wonder boot, it's a little bit challenging to not lust after a pair. Initially, finding the right match which are both slouchy in shape and that don’t drop down to your calves was difficult to find. Thankfully, the black over the knee suede boot from River Island came as pleasant surprise. 

 Unsure of whether to take this blog into what could be considered a more thought provoking direction, I came to the conclusion that the incident I am about to describe below could be of interest. It never once occurred to me that anything unpleasant could take place based on a decision so small such as purchasing and wearing a pair of shoes. 

 On a weekday morning I was walking to my place in a safe and relatively residential part of London and a man who was leaving his car yelled a comment. I couldn’t quite catch all of the contents of his comment as I was plugged into my earphones. It was abrupt enough to catch my attention and it was quite clear that whatever he was referring to wasn’t pretty. Naturally, I kept my head down and continued my not so far journey home. No comment was made to the man on my behalf. It wasn’t until I heard a thud by feet that I realised the unknown man had tried to lunge a plastic bottle towards my head. Unluckily for me, this has not been a one off occasion. Other examples of irritating and intimidating behaviour include men shouting under the influence on the street at sociable hours of the day, whilst wearing the boots. 

 Whether you are a man or a woman, a quick glance is part of human nature. However, there's not a fine but a very thick bold line between a compliment and unwanted attention. With regret, I admit that wearing a pair of thigh highs like my own has come with a price. Choose to deal with it how you will. If you would like my personal opinion, as intimidating as it might be I would not allow bad manners and aggressive actions override your sartorial choices. For years, if not decades, over the knee boots have been a cool staple for the winter months. In fact, I have been eyeing up the Topshop burgundy flat boots . I am going to keep wearing mine.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

 photo photo-12_zpsa9a595bb.jpg  photo photo-11_zpsb958e5a9.jpg

With the web's number one source for all things beauty Into The Gloss launching Glossier, I think it's fair to say that what's on your top shelf is hot topic right now. Whilst I do need to invest in a good moisture and a handful of Aesop products, my own top shelf doesn't actually boast of an awful lot of products. My necessities include Salt Spray for my hair (always!) a good stick of black kohl eyeliner and black mascara tends to go a long way.

What does count in this post however, is how you choose to embellish that top shelf of yours. Call me silly but once a Diptyque candle has ran it's course I dislike throwing it away. The glasses are decorative and double up as a particularly chic looking container, don't you think?

Monday, 22 September 2014

 photo photo_zps3f6cac64.jpg  photo photoflower_zps71429e1a.jpg

If home is where the heart is, you are better off making it a nice place to be. Here's a post dedicated to the smaller details; the kind of objects used to fill a shelf, add a personal touch or brighten up a room. I am stating the obvious here by mentioning that flowers are the absolute ultimate for this. Like the majority of women, I certainly do appreciate a big bouquet from time to time. 

Admittedly, I listen to all my music digitally. However, after being pointed into the direction of Loni Jane's instagram account (heavenly), album artwork and vinyl covers are a fun and if not nostalgic way to add imagery. Best suited on a shelf or against a wall, of course.

Friday, 19 September 2014

 photo IMG_2754_zpsa5f04aac.jpg

The interesting thing is, is that I never plan to write about shoes yet time and time again a new pair appears on my blog roll. Sometimes I question, do people want to want to read about another pair of shoes? However, if the blogosphere is about sharing, caring and potentially inspiring others to shop then I highly suggest you take a look at these beauties above. Made by Senso, purchased via ASOS, a western boot the kind of shoe which is always a winner. Perfect all year round and needless to say it really does go with everything. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

 photo IMG_7711_zps23a35614.jpg  photo IMG_7716_zps6ccbb46b.jpg

Maybe it's the fact that I spent four nights sleeping in a booze ridden campsite that my posts are slightly more homes and interior orientated. Even if sleeping on a tent floor isn't that comfortable I am not complaining. Festivals are fun. Did you catch the low down on Major Lazer's performance? However, if you are in need of a little interior inspiration you are probably already aware of my golden rules. 1. White walls. 2. Wooden floors. 3. Cool rugs (the polaroids here didn't do the above justice.) 4. Frames. 5. A cool plant. Enjoy!

Monday, 8 September 2014

 photo IMG_1647_zps735cb1cd.jpg  photo IMG_1646_zps90fbc3bb.jpg  photo IMG_1653_zps4c58ab35.jpg  photo IMG_1656_zpscb610519.jpg
I arrived back from Bestival in the very early hours of the morning (4:00 AM) today in fact and the September issue of British Vogue was lying on my bed. Not only was returning from the last music festival of the season a realisation that it is back to reality for me, but also that summer is sadly coming to a close. Thankfully, to steer us away from those thoughts Vogue have warmed our hearts with what is next for winter in the shoot above styled by Jane How and photographed by Glen Luchford. Leather skirts, knee high boots and leopard print coats look back to the Sixties but it's the wearability of these kinds of clothes which I love best. They strike the perfect balance. In short, the looks aren't too dull or too over the top, feminine but neither sickly sweet or girly. As a lot of ladies tend to say, with a new wardrobe to look forward to winter won't be all that bad, will it?