Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A few weeks back I turned the 'grandiose' age of 22 and a dear friend of mine spoilt me with an issue of Centrefold magazine. Point A. What can I say, it's very nice to have friends who know me well and B. it was good timing, I have recently moved house. If you're not familiar with Centrefold magazine, it does what it says on the (metaphorically speaking) tin - it's a magazine built of eye catching A2 posters. Each image was shot with a Nokia Lumia 1020 which is a clear reminder that sometimes it is not what equipment you have but how you choose to use it. Result: seriously cool photographs of beaches & Lily Mcmenamy chilling out in a motel. Not only can you flick through the pages but you'll also find that you can take them apart. Hence, why I decided to frame these images and place them on top of my cowhide and make a house a dope home. 


  1. that's such a neat magazine, I have yet to check it out! thanks for the follow btw!

  2. Happy bday! And lucky girl with good friends with good taste for gifts xx